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No matter how many electronics you have in the car, at some point on the journey someone is going to say those dreaded words - “I'm bored”. Fortunately, there are lots of games that you can play. You probably know a few of them already.

I Spy
The in-car object guessing game that goes ‘I spy with my little eye, something beginning with….C!’ is often met with a barrage of bored answers, such as car, cat or cup, but you can make it more interesting by adding a letter. Try describing a noun - for example, R.C (red car) or B.S (blue sky). Making children think of how different things can be described gets little minds buzzing and interested again.

20 Questions
This import from the US requires one player to think of a famous person while the other player tries with 20 questions to guess who they are. Questions can only be answered as yes or no - for example, are you male? No. Then you must be female. Children learn rapidly which questions will quickly narrow down the possibilities, and you’ll soon have a mini-strategist in the back seat. For younger children, you can start by defining the parameters, as in “I’m in a cartoon on the TV”.

Alphabet Alley
The aim of this game is to think of a type of item in a category for every letter of the alphabet. You take it in turns to go around the car giving an item for the next letter - for example, category: fruit. Answers: apple, banana, cherry. It encourages alphabet knowledge classification and creativity.

Pack My Bags
This game starts with someone saying, “I’m going on my holidays and in my bag I’ve packed…. a pair of shorts”. The next person must repeat what was said and add an item, going around the car with the list getting longer and longer. Players must concentrate to remember the items in the right order. No writing down allowed!

Studies show that there’s only so long little eyes can or should be using computers. The longer children stare at screens, the more frustrated they feel. This is because our eyes are designed to focus on things near and far at a hundred times a minute. And our brains and emotions want to be challenged. So hopefully, these games will help to get you to your destination in peace.

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